Secret boxes


Our greatest selection of PUZZLE BOXES.
A puzzle box is one of the trickiest brain teaser, stimulating brain work and rewarding with a price: either something hidden or the satisfaction for solving the puzzle. Here you will find every kind of wooden puzzle box, perfect as intelligent gift boxes.


What is a puzzle box? Puzzle boxes are boxes with hidden compartment. Usually, they are sequential brain teaser to solve in various steps. Inside the puzzle box you can find a prize or you can open the puzzle box and hide something in it, then give it to someone as a gift puzzle box. A box puzzle is as difficult metalpuzzles for adults



How to solve a puzzle box? How to open the metal box puzzle? There’re different solutions. In some cases, it can be a sliding box puzzle; in others, it can be a 3-6-12 steps box puzzle. Sometimes it’s just a tricky puzzle box. Go to our SOLUTION section to find the solution of the wooden puzzle box.



Our selection of puzzle boxes consists of metalpuzzle box, secret puzzle box, money puzzle box, Japanese puzzle box, sliding puzzle box and many more. Secret box for adults are brain teasers and mind games for all age. We offer puzzle box game in many difficulty level. We offer from easy puzzle boxes to expert puzzle box.